File transfer through Tigase

Prashanth Raghu
Added over 4 years ago

Hi Team Tigase,

I am trying to enable file transfer as a plugin through the tigase server without using SOCK5 proxy component. I am now successfully able to transfer files through the server and also perform a set of relevant operations. The only problem I am facing is that the file has to be encoded in Base64 which increases the file size drastically.

With regard to the same I have a question:

  1. Is it possible to make tigase talk XMPP using a different serialization format other than XML ?

If yes, is it possible to do so without editing the base server and adding the component as a configuration to the server

as I have seen that tigase has been brilliantly structured to have every component having the ability to be individually configured.



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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

The main problem is that XMPP is XML based component. So even if you get Tigase to talk non-XML protocol, you then need clients which can also talk non-XML protocols.

It is possible to make Tigase talk non-XML protocol, any protocol for that matter actually. But not without development work. Tigase has a concept of Connection Manager (a component which manages TCP/IP connections understand the network protocol). We have connection managers for standard XMPP, Bosh, Websockets, external component, etc.... You can add a new component - connection manager which can understand different - binary protocol as well. Then you need a client which can talk this protocol too.

Added by Prashanth Raghu over 4 years ago

Thanks a lot for the reply Artur.

Yes I did have a look at the connection managers for Websockets and BOSH. I will dig in further and get back.

Regarding the client I just thought I could make a wrapper over client like SMACK which convert from XML to a binary format but retains the same structure of elements as with XMPP to help streamline the process.