Custom tests using test-suite

Luca Stucchi
Added about 4 years ago

HI there,

I was wondering about writing some tests to verify the expected behavior for plugins and components.

To do this I wanted to use tigase-testsuite. My idea is running only my tests to validate the behavior of a particular component / plugin.

Is this the right way ? Is there any document explaining the process for custom tests ?

Thanks in advance,


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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam about 4 years ago

TTS has it's own section in development guide. It explains how to write test cases and test scenarios. Then you can pass your custom test case or scenario as parameter to the TTS shellscript.

TTS is currently preferred way to do that as it test complete chain of processing.

Added by Luca Stucchi about 4 years ago

Awesome ! I don't know how I couldn't find it !

Thanks alot !