Load test with tsung.

raj vasani
Added almost 4 years ago


I am using tigase 7.1.0. I created 5000 users in tigase database. I want to run tigase load test with 5000 concurrent users in server.

When i run tsung script and check in server for online users count it will only 1012.

I dont know why this is happening. I am using ubuntu 14.04. In os level i changed many properties in /etc/sysctl.conf.

I refered :

net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse = 1

net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle = 1

net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000

fs.file-max = 65000

net.ipv4.tcp_max_orphans = 400000

net.core.rmem_max = 16777216

net.core.wmem_max = 16777216

net.ipv4.tcp_max_syn_backlog = 4096

net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1

After all this changes i can't able to achieve 5000 concurrent users.

Please find attachments.

myscript.xml (tsung file).

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Added by Eric Dziewa almost 4 years ago

Hi raj,

Check our guide for high load systems . You missed ulimit. Make sure you're not running Tigase Server, or Tsung as root.