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Giannandrea Castaldi
Added almost 4 years ago


I'm developing a mobile application where the users will be able to create a chatroom inviting other users.

Inside the chatroom users can chat but also send multiple choice questions that will be answered by all the members of the chatroom.

To implement it I think to develop two components extending AbstractMessageReceiver:

The first component will receive IQs from the mobile application to build the chatroom with a list of users to invite. Then the component will execute the following steps:

  • create the chatroom

  • invite in the chatroom the users received in the IQ

  • add the second component in the chatroom

The second component added in the chatroom will ignore all the messages exchanged in the chatroom but will manage at least two types of IQ:

  • one to create a multiple choice question

  • one to answer a multiple choice question

But probably it will manage other IQs for other specific actions.

I wonder if this use of components and IQs is correct of if I could adopt another solution.

I'm not sure this is the right forum to submit this question, in case please suggest me others, both specific for tigase or for xmpp in general.

Thanks in advance.


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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

Instead of creating component from scratch you could re-use MUC component and MUC specification and fine-tune room configuration to limit users permissions and then override desired module of MUC component to allow particular exchange of questions (which could be done using custom <message/> stanzas.