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nurnabi siddique
Added over 5 years ago

Dear Altruists,

     i am facing a problem to connect with server from multiple browser tab/windows using same user credentials.i am storing session id , request id and user id into cookies from first tab/window , so when i am opening second tab it is using sid,jid and rid and trying to attach with server. it is attaching with server but bosh connection manager can not handle properly second tab under a same bosh session. can you confirm one thing is it possible or need customize at bosh connection manager. eagerly waiting for your reply.

    i know one solution possible that is for each tab it will generate separate bosh connection with separate session id. i am not looking for it

thank you

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 5 years ago

The main problem with supporting multiple tabs is the RID number in Bosh requests. Each tab starts to sends requests on its own with incremented RID number. If they use the same Bosh session on the server the RID number is messed up and the server cannot process them correctly.

I am not an expert at web browsers and web clients development but different of our customers try to solve the problem in a different way. Some of them maintain only one connection between the browser and the server and the connection is somehow shared among tabs. How they do that? I do not know.

Some others open a separate Bosh session from each tab - they just login the user under with a different resource.

We used to solve the issue in yet another way. We assumed that if a user opens a new tab he does not want to use the old tab for communication anymore, so the new tab started to communicate with the server. Of course the old tab also continued to communicate. But the RID sequence was characteristic so the Bosh server was able to detect which requests are from the old tab and terminated the connection with the old tab.

Generally speaking this is not an easy problem and there is no simple solution to this.