Adding fields to the XMPP roster message and filtering the roster entries

Mahesh Kumaraguru
Added over 3 years ago

I am quite new to XMPP. We are using Tigase XMPP server through which XMPP clients on Android and iOS Apps communicate text messages (there are Android and iOS developers in my team). We have added some extra columns to the Tigase DB Table tig_users due to our business requirements. Now when a user logs into the App installed in an Android or iOS device, the XMPP server sends out a roster message showing which other users are available in the tig_users Tigase DB table. We have two requirements

  1. We do NOT want Tigase to send out details of all the users available in the tig_users table. We want to filter that list on the Tigase server based on some business logic using the newly added columns in the tig_users table.

  2. We want to add custom fields to the roster XML message which would be populated with the values from the extra columns from the tig_users table.

Any advice on where I should start looking to implement these requirements.

Thanks and Regards,

Mahesh Kumaraguru

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

I think that Dynamic Rosters should solve both of your requirements.