What is the difference between Tigase open source version and commercial version?

Alina Sun
Added over 3 years ago


I have this question because we plan to develop some Tigase plugins based on Tigase open source version while we may need to deliver the product with Tigase commercial version.

Can the Tigase plugins work with Tigase commercial version? Can we implement some authentication providers which are not plugins in Tigase commercial version?

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Alina Sun

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Added by Alina Sun over 3 years ago

Are there any difference for the cluster configuration between open source version and commercial version?

Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud over 3 years ago

Hello Alina,

Our commercial product is essentially the same as the open source product, however, custom code, plugins, and other developments, can be tailored specifically to your company and it's needs.

In general, it's safe to say plugins developed for the open source product will work with a build specifically developed for you. It is not uncommon to have custom code for a client, written by your team or ours. If any issues arise we can assist you with them as part of a support contract.

Cluster configuration is generally the same, again, unless we write specific code for you.

Using our ACS however will send statistical data to our servers on a regular basis, and will be disabled if it cannot communicate with out servers. We provide the ACS for development and testing purposes. A commercial licence removes this requirement.

If you are interested in pursuing a commercial licence with us, please contact Artur Hefczyc at



Added by Alina Sun over 3 years ago

Hello Dan,

Thanks very much for your promptly response. I still have some questions:

  1. How could I add new plugins into the commercial version? Do I need to send my plugin source code to you and you build it into Tigase commercial version?

  2. Is ACS in the Tigase commercial version and open source version by default? Am I correct to say that the difference is that: "send statistical data" can be disabled in commercial version and you can customise ACS for commercial version?

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Added by Raymond Sellars over 3 years ago


To clarify a couple of the points Alina is asking:

#1 My expectation is that Plugins we develop for the open source version can be readily dropped into the ACS version? Or do we need to submit them to Tigase to be including within the commercial version.

#2 My expectation is that the ACS version is a COTS (off the shelf) version. Based upon the documentation this appears to scale better than the open source version. At this point in time our performance requirements are pretty standard so I'm not expecting any custom code. But this appears to be an option with ACS as we grow.

  • initial volumes being in the 10000's (aka open source code base) to possible millions (longer term), where we'd look to using ACS.

#3 Upgrade path. Can we upgrade an open source installation to ACS or would this more entail reinstalling using near identical configuration files and plugins we've developed?

#4 Wrto the "statistical data" my understand is this only applies where ACS is used in a non commercial sense, e.g. development. Once we have a commercial licence that aspect is disabled. The statistics will be a concern point for HIPAA/security compliance in production. But not an issue for any development phases or evaluation.



Solution Architect


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

  1. Most of the Tigase software is available under dual-license model, that is, it is available for free under the AGPLv3 license or for fee under a commercial license terms. This means that there is not technical difference between versions available under these 2 licenses. This is the same exact code, with source codes publicly available. The only difference is licensing terms and conditions.

So whatever extension or plugin you write for the Tigase XMPP Server, it will work regardless of license used. Please note, if you use Tigase server under the AGPLv3 license your custom code must be also released under the AGPLv3 license.

  1. Tigase ACS is not a server version. This is an add-on component for the Tigase XMPP Server which allows the Tigase XMPP Server scale to very large installations. It is only available under the commercial license. You can use it for free for testing and development but you need to pay a fee for running it on a production system. The Tigase ACS component offers additional, unique features and APIs which are not available in the open source Tigase version. So, it is possible to write plugins and extensions which use this specific features and APIs and such custom code would not work without Tigase ACS.

  2. Upgrade from non-ACS installation to ACS installation is very simple and transparent to your existing custom code and users. Usually you only need one or 2 lines to be changed in your config file.

  3. The Tigase ACS sends the statistical data always when it cannot detect a valid license file and it stops sending the data when a valid license file is found. You need a valid license for ACS for your production system anyway so it should not be a problem in your case.

Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud over 3 years ago

Alina, Raymond,

To add to some of these points,

Custom components, plugins, extensions, etc.. are handled and maintained in private repositories where both you and Tigase can work on, test, and build binaries under a commercial licence. As Artur said, the code will work since there is no discernible difference in the code itself.

Your custom build will entail the available source along with those changes and extensions. Custom code can be marked as closed source or open source as requested.

Added by Raymond Sellars over 3 years ago

Thanks, perfect. I believe this answers our core questions.

Added by Alina Sun over 3 years ago

Thanks very much for the answer. Things are clear to us now.