Tigase Internet Disconnection issue.

reenath reddy
Added over 3 years ago

My issue is of internet disconnection in application.

When user is getting logout or went in offline mode manually then it sends stanza to his/her rosters. So his/her rosters knows that user went in offline mode.

Now when internet will disconnect from user's device at that time application is not able to send presence stanza to server due to internet disconnection. So his/her rosters won't get information about that offline user and user will be shown in online mode only.

Ans this is creating a issue in regarding offline messages. I've tried it with every xmpp client there is.

Can anybody please help me if there is anyway to prevent this

It will be very helpful for me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud over 3 years ago

XMPP is designed to work like that, where the clients push a disconnect status to the server. However, you are asking the reverse. RFC 6121 talks about Presence Probes, which will have the server probe users to get thier status

have a look here for the

Hope that helps.