Custom Presence Plugin not working in Tigase 7.0.2

Juan Ignacio Paz
Added over 3 years ago

Hi all,

We developed a Custom Presence plugin that is based in the original Presence with some modifications.

The most important modification is to change the flow of the presence process, so users need only one way authorization (forcing the other one).

Ex: user A wants to add user B (subscribe), and B accepts (subscribed), we force the rest of the process using roster_util.setBuddySubscription.

In Tigase 5.2.1 this plugin works perfect, but now we want to migrate to tigase 7.0.2, and the behavior of the plugin is erratic.

In the Presence class of tigase 7.0.2 were some changes of interfaces and other things so first i took the new version of Presence from 7.0.2, and put our changes there.

When we try the subscription process it works and we can chat (so forcing the flow works), but when the users went offline and then connect again the users are not in the other one roster. This is because the changes were not impact in database correctly.

There were changes in tigase 7 so this may not work properly?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if i'm not pretty clear.

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

There were a couple of changes in that area, one potential change that may be related to your problem is #1969, you can disable it with disable-roster-lazy-loading config option.