Sometimes cross domain message is delay

xuanzx xuan
Added about 3 years ago

Dear all:

There are two tigase servers with independent domains and IP,the time is synchronous by clock server. These two servers could access each other by DNS server without in cluster modes.In most times and circumstances,the cross domain message can be sent and received. But sometimes the cross message is delayed, for examples:

1.The account A is in one server, account B is in another server, both A and B are online.

2.A send message to B, the message can be received, but sometimes the message is delayed more than 5 minutes.

3.A registers a chat room and invites B to the room, sometimes the invite message is delayed too.

4.After B joined in the room, B sends message to the room, B can receive the message, but sometime the message is delayed.

Is there any suggestion to fix this problem? Thanks!

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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud about 3 years ago

Some traffic could be bouncing around a bit in the server. Can you enable --debug=server,io,xmpp.impl in your That should help track where the traffic is going.


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam about 3 years ago

The only explanation which comes to my mind right away is slow DNS. Normally when there is an active connection between servers, the message gets to the destination almost instantly. However, idle cross domain connections are being closed after some time of inactivity. Then, when there is a new cross-domain message, server opens a new connection. Usually this is a quick process, with an exception if the DNS is slow. Make sure your DNS server is fast with responding to the queries.

Otherwise, if you can rule this out, as Daniel suggested, some logs and investigation is required.