XEP-0184/receipts with MUC messages.

Ralph Hammerfell
Added almost 3 years ago

Do receipts/XEP-0184 work with MUCs by default? If not, what/where will we need to modify to make it work for multiple users sending back a receipt to the sender?

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 3 years ago

As described in 5.3: When to Request Receipts - Groupchat

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to request a receipt when sending a content message of type "groupchat" in a Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045) [7] room because the logic for determining when a content message is truly "received" by all of the room occupants is complex, and because the sender would receive one ack message from each occupant of the room, thus significantly increasing the number of stanzas sent through the room.

Tigase MUC by default filters elements in <message/> stanzas hence receipts requests/responses are not include. You can disable the filtering with following option included in @etc/


Added by Ralph Hammerfell almost 3 years ago

That's actually the intended functionality. Thank you! :D