XEP-0071 problem

leo lee
Added almost 3 years ago


I am sending a message with XHTML,but tigase parse the message cause content loss.

For example(which from XEP-0071 chapter9,example 2):

  <body>Wow, I&apos;m green with envy!</body>
  <html xmlns=''>
    <body xmlns=''>
      <p style='font-size:large'>
        <em>Wow</em>, I&apos;m <span style='color:green'>green</span>
        with <strong>envy</strong>!

when parse finished,the "P" element has 3 children elements,but the content ", I'm" and "with" is missing,only left the last character '!'.

could you help me to solve this problem,thanks very much.

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 3 years ago

Which Tigase version do you use? There was a known problem in older Tigase version causing such problem. Please try latest 7.1.0 nightly which should contain the fix.