Network disconnection detection

Mohammed Azhar
Added over 2 years ago

hi all,

I am using the tigase 7.0.4. I am facing a problem with the server not able to detect a connection loss from a user once his network is disconnected...he will be shown as online for other users...and the messages sent to this user during this time is also not saved as an offline this the normal behavior or am i doing something wrong.

Please help

Thank you

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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud over 2 years ago

Hi Mohammed,

Is the server detecting them at all?

I would have a look at the debug logs for xmpp to see where those packets go.

If you are using the nightly builds, you can set a connection watchdog that will disconnect inactive connections

details here:

You can set some tighter tolerances and that will disconnect them.