vcard bulk updates

Wenjun Che
Added over 5 years ago


I need to update profile (such as first/last names) for all users as admin. What's best way to do this?

I have used tclmt for creating users and managing rosters. I looked around and don't see any commands/scirpts

for vcard update.


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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 5 years ago

Right now there is no ad-hoc command for this. However there is something close to this. We have an avatar update script which can be used as an example for a vcard update script.

Have you had a chance to see our REAT API component?

It is kind of a bridge between XMPP admin ad-hoc commands and REST API, so you can access most of the commands using REST calls. In most cases it kind of tunnels XMPP ad-hoc calls inside REST and forwards them to the main Tigase server. However, there are a few REST calls written specifically for the REST component and not available as admin ad-hoc command.

One of them is recently implemented avatar update script. Avatar is in fact part of a vcard data. Please have a look at it and use it as an example for a custom script to update vcard.