Cannot send MUC chatroom invitations to offline users

kevin cao
Added almost 2 years ago

Hi, I need some help here.

We are building an app with latest jaxmpp (2.1) client lib, and running latest Tigase (7.1) as xmpp server. Recently we running into a issue which is we cannot send MUC chatroom invitations to offline users. Direct Invitation and Mediated Invitation both failed. We are sure sending invitation to user's Bare JID.

We tested this case with another xmpp client - PSI, and reproduced this issue.

We also checked xep-0045 (Multi-User Chat) and xep-0249 (Direct MUC Invitations), none of them mentioned offline invitation.

Someone in internet said: Invites to Bare Jids should be stored as offline messages and then delivered by the server as soon as the user comes online. But he does not give any suggestions of how to fix it.

Any information can be helpful, thanks in advance.

Sorry for my bad English.

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 2 years ago

Those invitations don't have <body/> element hence they are not stored by default, but you can adjust Tigase configuration and enable storing them: Storing offline messages without body content

Added by kevin cao almost 2 years ago

Thanks sir. By follow your advice, we just passed the test case for invitations to offline users.