Ater setting up tigase server in eclipse, how do i develop and complie my component.

Adetunji akinde
Added almost 2 years ago

Please people, i seriously need help here.

I am new to tigase server and i want to develop, compile and deploy a component for my tigase server.

i was able to setup the server on eclipse, but i don't know in which directory i should but my component source files and how to compile

and generate the jar file for the server.

Please i will really appreciate if anyone can put me through on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud almost 2 years ago

Hi Adetunji,

Can you tell us which version of Tigase you are trying to build with? There was a lot of directory structure changes between stable and master branches (v7.1.0 and v7.2.0 respectively).

Added by Adetunji akinde almost 2 years ago

Am trying to build with v7.2.0

Added by Matt Q Public over 1 year ago