Feature request: to add 'element_id' field into 'tig_offline_messages' table to implement Last Message Correction XEP

Igor Khomenko
Added over 1 year ago

Hi there,

We are implementing the 'Last Message Correction' plugin

At this moment we have one issue with 'tig_offline_messages' table

Let's image the following case:

1) User1 is online, User2 is offline

2) User1 sent 3 messages to User2 -> all the messages go to offline storage

3) User1 now edits e.g. 2nd message, e.g. he made a mistake.

At this stage, we have to modify a message we send before in offline storage.

So User2 will receive corrected message when will be online.

Problem: we do not have a way to retrieve an original message from offline storage via packet ID.

We have a 'msg_id' column in 'tig_offline_messages' table but it's something not related at all to real messages users send.

Would be great to have an additional column 'element_id' here and select by it.

What do you think?