Post-processors always invoked?

Daniele Ricci
Added about 1 year ago

Hello everyone,
If I'm reading the code correctly here:

The post-processors are invoked if the pre-processors didn't block the packet before, even if any processors processed the packet. However the documentation states:

Post-processing - If there is no processor for the stanza then the packet goes through all post-processors.

Am I getting the meaning right? What am I reading wrong here?

Thanks for your help!!

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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam about 1 year ago


Yes, you are correct. The current version of Tigase XMPP Server calls PostProcessors for all packets which were not stopped by PreProcessors. This change was created to fix the issue which was related to the handling of messages sent to users bare JID which had only connections with negative priority. We already discussed the impact of this change and possibility to revert behavior of SessionManager in #5692, but for now, we decided to leave it as it is.

We will need to fix description of PostProcessors in the documentation of Tigase XMPP Server. Thank you for pointing this out.