Get database information from an external application

Mauro Carrio
Added almost 6 years ago


I'm facing the request to access to the roster items list of a user or even to get the total offline messages for a user from an external application.

I have been evaluating the script component and the http component api, in fact there is already a script to get the roster items of a user.

But these processes to get that information will have a lot of requests (maybe many thousands per day). I would like not to overload the tigase engine with this stuff. So talking about performance do you have any other thoughts of how to approach this requirement?

Thanks in advance.

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 6 years ago

Perhaps it would be more helpful, if you describe us what this is you need to do, what do you need these information for and then, once we understand your use case, we could suggest an optimal way to do it. Getting user's roster for online user is a fast thing and does not cause any significant load because it is already in memory, getting roster for offline user is a bigger problem as you have to query DB, although thousand a day is not a big deal. Thousand per minute or second is a problem though.

Getting a number of offline messages is a significant thing as it requires heavy DB calculation.