Finally version 5.1.0 final available


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

The Tigase team is proud to announce availability of the final 5.1.0 version of the Tigase XMPP Server. Binaries are available for download right now in the files section on the project tracking system. Sources is available in our code repository under the tag 5.1.0 - tags/tigase-server-5.1.0. The version also includes final releases of our standard libraries and components:

  1. tigase-server - 5.1.0
  2. tigase-xmltools - 3.3.6
  3. tigase-utils - 3.3.11
  4. tigase-extras - 1.0.0
  5. tigase-muc - 2.1.0
  6. tigase-pubsub - 2.1.0

We have also significantly improved Tigase Test Suite which is now available in version 2.1.3. The TTS is used for automated tests we run over the Tigase XMPP Server. Up to date tests results are available on the test reports page. The release includes huge number of new elements, improvements and bug fixes. Here is a list of most significant changes: Other changes:

  1. License change from GPLv3 to AGPLv3

Significant API changes and improvements in somewhat random order:

  1. Mobile optimizations in form of the protocol extension and MobileV1 and MoboleV2 plugins
  2. Load balancing external components
  3. Scripting API is now a part of the core API in the Tigase server and it is available to all components. Large number of administrator scripts are available.
  4. Statistics and monitoring capabilities are now expanded to provide information through a database in a custom format to make it easier to preserve historical record of the server metrics and integrate with external monitoring systems.
  5. Better handling of CA SSL certificates on some Linux distributions support for ca-bundle.crt file
  6. PEP and AMP are now enabled by default.
  7. Lots of shell scripts to update and restart Tigase installation and prepare all supported databases.
  8. HTTP Options support for Bosh connections
  9. More concurrency everywhere to make a full use of multi-CPU and multi-core machines.
  10. A pluggable packets queuing mechanism with implementation for a maximum throughput or for a strict packet order.
  11. Roster plugin split from Presence plugin now roster requests are processed in a separate thread pool from Presence packets.
  12. DataRepository API another abstraction layer for SQL databases where application code can use SQL queries and any table in database.
  13. S2S support improved - code rewritten and added support for TLS.
  14. TigaseAuthCustom - is now a default authentication DB connector.
  15. Fine grained permissions for Admin commands - it is now possible to assign every single admin command to a selected XMPP users or a groups of users.
  16. New API for TLS/SSL certificates
  17. VHost management at runtime including SSL certificates and all configuration settings.
  18. Connections throttling options
  19. Support for multiple configuration files - it is now possible to have multiple, comma separated properties file
  20. New Clustering API and lots of improvements in the code.
  21. Configurable ACK for c2s connections.
  22. Presence forwarding
  23. LDAP support for user authentication
  24. Minor database schema changes
  25. Custom statistics API for Plugin/processor added.
  26. Improved workaround for buggy TLS handling - for s2s on some servers implementation

Significant bug fixes:

  1. XMPP Server Dialback Vulnerability - fixed
  2. Fixed issue with double messages in cluster mode.
  3. Roster and Presence processing - number of fixes and improvements processing in requests handling
  4. Privacy lists - fixes and improvements.
  5. ZLib compression fix - for c2s connections
  6. Fixed UTF-8 decoding problem on c2s with TLS connections.
  7. Roster versioning problem fixed
  8. Message delivery do administrators bug fixed

Additional details can be also found in the Beta3 announcement and in the SVN Changelog. As usually, please feel free to post your comments and suggestions.