Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 - FTL - Beta1


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

Finally published! FTL because as soon as we made binaries available people started to download it before even I wrote an announcement. And FTL because, once again, we made so much performance improvements that we expect it to be faster than light. From version 2.0 I mention about huge performance improvements. Each time I believe nothing more can be squeezed out of the code and then I find another place to improve.
This is probably our biggest and greatest release yet. With so many new elements, components and functions. Therefore, we are really happy to give this version out to your hands. As usually binary files are available on the project tracking website.
Even though this is our first beta for the 5.2.0 it is already quite well tested and with next betas we expect a few more additions.
Here is a list of major new additions:
Cluster auto-configuration with cluster mode active by default
HTTP API with REST as the Tigase server component
Websocket support as a Tigase server connection manager
OSGi support built-in to the core of the Tigase XMPP Server
Message Archiving Component - XEP-0136
Socks5 Proxy Component with lots of interesting functions - RFC 1928
STUN Server Component - STUN
New API for SASL extensions and custom SASL mechanisms
API changes in plugin/processors, old API still available although deprecated, new API way faster (FTL) and less resource consuming
Optimizations, lots of them, we expect this version to be significantly faster and use less resources
Some metrics names changed to avoid confusion whether this is a number of elements waiting in queue or number of packets already processed
Custom RosterAbstract implementation can be now plugged from a configuration file
See-other-host implementation improved, now the redirection can be sent to the client after successful login. Still most of XMPP clients do not support this part of RFC so it is optional.
Improved multi-threading support, Timer replaced with ScheduledExecutorService where appropriate to avoid Timer single-thread bottleneck.
Extended per-vhost configuration at run-time with new parameters: s2s secret, default filtering policy,
Changed the way Tigase delivers messages to bare JID - now more common practice, delivers to all active resources
TLS required - full implementation, now Tigase won't allow user authentication without TLS if TLS required is set
The server whole active configuration is dumped to a text file which can be reviewed and/or copied to with custom values.
Invisibility through the extension - XEP-0186
Improved IPv6 support
Clientaccesspolicy.xml support added
Lots of s2s improvements and bug fixes

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Any problems report or suggestions are always welcomed.