Tigase book on Amazon... be careful


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

I have received a few requests to comment on the book about Tigase server found on Amazon.
None of the Tigase contributors is one of the book authors or has been consulted during work on the book. We do not know what is inside or what is a value of the book's content. The description of the book on Amazon's website is just a copy of the Wikipedia page about Tigase project. Therefore, I am very suspicious about the "high quality content" description. There is also some information about the book publisher available which can shed some more light on the publication.
I am not saying do not buy it, but please be very careful and do not blame us if you buy the book and you won't find anything useful there.
There are books however which I can recommend to buy. Please have a look at our online shop for books prepared about the Tigase server. This is in fact a copy of the online documentation in PDF form with table of contents. If you want to have Tigase docs in a nice form prepared for off-line reading this is something to consider. Also, buying these books you support the Tigase project development.