Tigase XMPP Server vulnerability to certain DOS attacks fixed


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 7 years ago


Tigase XMPP Server, versions prior to 5.1.1, are vulnerable to certain DOS attacks on the XMPP stream. Sending specially prepared XML data to the XMPP stream of the Tigase server can cause out of memory error, system overload and eventually the service failure.


All types of XMPP connections are sensitive to this bug: c2s, s2s and external component connection. The TCP/IP connection does not have to be authenticated to successfully perform the attack.


A fix for the problem is already in our SVN repository and covers changes in both the Tigase XMPP Server code (tagged as tigase-server-5.1.1) and Tigase XML Tools code (tagged as tigase-xmltools-3.4.2).

Binary packages have been released and published under version number 5.1.2 which also includes some Bosh improvements for multiple HTTP connections with Web client and compatibility with Strophe library.


More details

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