Tigase server 5.1.0 branch


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

I have received a few questions about the server development progress recently. Nothing has changed in the repository trunk for some time. Is the development ceased?

Of course not. The work is carried on as usual with no slowdown. I don't, however, commit anything to the trunk right now. Instead, all the new code goes to the 5.1.0 branch. This is because of some API changes which break compatibility with earlier versions. Adjusting your code to the new API is trivial and your compiler will tell you what to do.

Among many minor fixes there are also new features available for you to test:

Database per domain support is now available. You can deploy the server for multiple virtual domains and data for each domain can be kept in a separate database. This applies to both user authentication data repository and the main user data repository.
Support for virtual domains has been improved even further, you can add new vhosts via ad-hoc commands and set various parameters for the domain - adjust max number of registered users for the domain, enable/disable user registration via in-band protocol, allow for anonymous logins, and enable/disable domain without deleting it.
Connection pool for UserAuthRepository implemented.
New API for statistics monitoring. You can load a plugin which records statistics to DB at given periods of time.
User authentication against Wordpress database added.

More to come very soon...

The most recent version is running on the Tigase.IM/jabber.Me service. You can try it without compiling the code yourself.

If you prefer to run the server from source code, however, do not forget to take MUC and PubSub from the correct branches too. And you also need to pick up the most recent version of XMLTools and Utils packages.