Tigase clustering description


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 7 years ago

We have recently received many questions about Tigase clustering. You requested information how it is implemented, how it works, what load it can support etc....

As a result I decided to start working on some documentation to give you some technical details and better understanding of the whole thing.


However, it does not fit into any of existing categories, it is not an Admin guide, or a devel guide or a user guide, it is rather a very specific, technical information, therefore I decided to put in on our wiki page. At least temporarily. I hope with your help and comments it will get enough shape to copy of over, back to our website.

Please have a look at the wiki pages I started work on and let me know what you think. What exact information you would like to find there and on what elements I should focus first.

The pages are available on our project tracking system wiki pages under a title Tigase clustering.