Tigase Command Line Management Tool announcement


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 8 years ago

TCLMT is new utility to manage XMPP servers by execution of ad-hoc commands. It's designed to be simple and powerful in use and work in two modes:

  • non interactive
  • interactive

Currently it partially supports ad-hoc commands which are specified in XEP-0133 Service Administration and implemented by Tigase XMPP Server. As for it contains support for:

  • 4.1. Add user
  • 4.2. Delete user
  • 4.7. Change user password
  • 4.8. Get user roster
  • 4.10. User statistics
  • 4.16. Get number of active users
  • 4.17. Get number of idle users
  • 4.18. Get registered user list
  • 4.20. Get list of online users
  • 4.21. Get list of active users
  • 4.22. Get list of idle users
  • 4.23. Broadcast to online

Those command can be used to manage any XMPP server compliant with specification of commands described in XEP-0133. If you will be using TCLMT with Tigase XMPP Server following additional commands are available to you:

  • Add script
  • Delete script
  • Component repository add item
  • Component repository remove item
  • Component repository update item
  • Component repository reload
  • Configuration list
  • Get connection time
  • Get load errors
  • Add SSL certificate

With those additional commands you can extend capabilities of server by adding or removing additional commands as well as changing configuration of server. You can also add, remove or change configuration of any domain hosted by server including changing SSL certificate for domain. If you would like to add new user execution of below line would add user with jid and password testPassword

bin/ -u -p Pa$ add-user testPassword

For more informations about this tool visit project wiki page