Tigase on Nokia N900


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 9 years ago

 I am at the XMPP Summit/FOSDEM now. Thanks to people form Nokia we have an opportunity to play and run some software on N900 devices and thanks to Florian from Flosoft we have SIM cards for data transfer.

What is the most tempting thing for the software developer? Well, at least for me is to run my software on any possible device.

Taking the opportunity to use N900 and play with it I just had to try to run Tigase on it. I have already tested Tigase on small computers, Netbooks with ATOMs and small amount of memory. Tigase passes all tests when run with 10MB of memory so I was pretty sure N900 has enough memory and power to run Tigase.

It turns out it is not too hard to get Tigase working on the phone. Only 2 missing parts must be installed - Java and Bash. Bash is optional but it saves the time with rewriting Tigase startup scripts for the default shell. Bash is optional but easy party. Java is a bit more tricky, you can download JRE from the SUN's (Oracle's) website. And it just works!

I actually expected Tigase to run on the device if only I can get Java to the phone. I wasn't sure though about the graphical installer. To my big surprise the installer works pretty well too which can be seen on attached screenshots.

The biggest fun though is that the phone has a public IP address and can be accessed from the Internet, which makes it truly mobile server. Of course the domain name is not registered in DNS so s2s doesn't work, but for local communication it just works. I have the phone for tests until Monday and I will keep the server running. If you want to give it a try, just connect to the server and register an account for you. Please do not forget to send me message when you connect. I am always online on the mobile server under JID: kobit@xmpp.n900.

To connect to the server please use the IP address: and domain name: xmpp.n900. As you can see on the statistics screenshot there are a few people connected already.