Tigase XMPP Server 4.3.1-b1858


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

I am extremely happy to announce a new Tigase XMPP Server release.

This release has passed all automated tests and is now going through manual, compatibility tests for all operating system at our reach.

For installation instructions please refer to quick start documentation. The preferred way to install the server is by using the JAR file containing the installer. The final version is also released in all other formats: exe, tar.gz and zip. All the files are available in the download area.

This release contains a huge number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. The release test page contains more detailed list of all changes, alternatively you can check Changelog attached to each binary release file for full information of all changes. Here is a brief list of what's new:

  1. Better support for multi-core/multi-cpu systems.
  2. Huge performance improvements in the base server, server components and libraries.
  3. New monitoring features, statistics exposed via JMX, HTTP and SNMP.
  4. Scripting support for administrator commands. Scripts in virtually any language can be (re)loaded at the server run-time to extend current administrator commands with new functions.
  5. Improved VHosts support. VHosts can be added/removed at run-time. Number of parameters and limits can be assigned to each VHost.
  6. Roster versioning support added.
  7. ZLib compression support added for both client-to-server and cluster connections.
  8. A new API to clustering framework added for pluggable clustering strategies.
  9. XML Parser improved.
  10. A new dedicated database schema designed. PubSub is now successfully tested with hundreds of millions nodes and millions of subscriptions for each node.
  11. PEP support is now independent from the PubSub component/implementation.
  12. Bosh keep-alive support added.

I am awaiting your comments and please report any problems you may find.