Website changes


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

This is a short update about what has been changed recently.

Following discussions on the Tigase forums, and via e-mail with people who are involved in the project in many ways I have introduced small changes. I hope they make life easier for contributors and provide more convenient way to exchange information.


No, I haven't migrated forums yet to mailing list or Google groups. Instead all the forums are available as RSS feeds and also all comments made on the website are also available in form of RSS feeds. This reduces a need to check the website every now and then. You can get updates directly to your RSS reader.

Second, registering a user account is freely available again. You can made your posts and online involvement more identifiable now. The account also works for the XMPP service in domain Feel free to use your favorite client or the client you work on and connect to the Tigase server.

An account can be created using the registration form, however every new account has to be approved by the website administrator.

Please note, the accounts are freely available and there are no requisites for creating them, however, it is recommended that you create an account only if you are interested in the Tigase. Creating accounts here for general purpose use is not recommended. Accounts inactive for extended period of time can be deleted.

If you plan to use the account for some kind of extensive tests over the XMPP service in domain, please contact me first or your actions might be treated as abuse and the account might be deleted.

A new poll has been create to gather more detailed information about what exact systems people use to deploy the Tigase server. Please click the checkbox and help us plan for the next release.