Polls season


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

Not long ago I have published a poll about the website features. The feedback is very valuable and I am now considering what changes introduce on the website to make it more convenient for people to contribute.

One of the changes I planing to do for sure is to revert back website accounts registration. This has been blocked a few months ago for number of reasons and one of them was increased number of spam I had to deal with. I am going to do something in between now. Everybody will be welcomed to register an account, however the registration will be moderated to prevent spammers from registering massive number of accounts and spamming website with their posts. The account on the is still for people who want to contribute to the project only, however a contribution is now anything related to the project. Including a simple question or answer on the forum.

Now the second poll I am about to publish. We are interested in what operating systems people use or want to use the Tigase server on. As we are preparing for the next server release we want to test it extensively on all platforms on which people use or want to use the server. Therefore your vote is essential to us. Please don't hesitate to add your comments too.