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Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

We are not moving project tracker or Tigase server development to however.

The purpose of the project created over there is to host prebuilt Ubuntu packages in a PPA (personal package archive).

A few weeks ago I announced that Gentoo ebuilds are available. I have also received information about RPM packages being maintained by someone. That would be the third packaging system for the Tigase server I know of. This makes live easier for all those who want to install Tigase server on different Linux distributions.

While I can not maintain packages for all systems myself I am always happy to help and assist those who decide to take this responsibility. If anybody is interested in helping with those please contact me. The Gentoo Linux ebuilds will be hosted in the main Tigase server SVN repository. Ubuntu packages on, I am not sure where RPM packages will be available but there is always a lot of space in our SVN.