Tigase XMPP/Jabber Server 4.2.0-b1720


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

This is pre-final release of the new version for the Tigase XMPP Server. It has been extensively tested under a different load and in different environments. Also it went through all our automated tests system. It seems to be stable. Please feel free to check it out and report all the problems you may find.

For installation instructions please refer to quick start documentation. The pre-final release is published only as JAR file - the installer. The final version will be also released on all other formats: exe, tar.gz and zip.

This is a major release with huge number of changes. Here is a brief list of what's new and what has been changed in quite random order:

  1. Virtual hosts support - now virtual hosts are stored in database. Tigase can now effectively run for thousands of virtual domain. Virtual domains can be added/removed at runtime without any disruption to the working system. You can also limit number of users per domain, temporarily block registration or user login for the domain and this is all available through ad-hoc commands.
  2. Scripting support - you can load scripts to the Tigase server at runtime also via ad-hoc commands. At the moment scripts are supported for administration tasks only. All JSR-223 languages compatible are supported which includes but is not limited to: Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Scala and possible a few others. 
  3. Hugely improved performance on multi-cpu/multi-core systems. You can now control number of threads for almost every component of the system. Again big thank you to Sun Microsystems for offering they hardware for tests.
  4. User repository connection pool added.
  5. New, much more effective clustering code added.
  6. Monitoring and self-monitoring functionality added. You can watch the system running and track the server statistics via SNMP, JMX, HTTP and XMPP. But you don't have to watch them. The server monitors itself and can send you notifications when something is going wrong. The monitoring framework is highly extensible and you can easily plug your own monitors too. At the moment the Tigase looks at Memory, CPU, Disk usage as well as it watches logs.
  7. New installer has been improved too. It does create administrator accounts for you during installation and often requested feature - the command line mode for the installer is now supported too.
  8. Alternatively - Debian/Ubuntu packages are available too. Directly from SVN so you can install and play with the most hot version of the server.
  9. PubSub further improved. Now, you can optionally use PubSub with dedicated database schema instead of Tigase built-in UserRepository. The new schema greatly improved performance and was successfully tested with up to 1mln nodes and 1 thousand subscription each.

The full and detailed description of what's new will be compiled for the final release. I am awaiting your comments and please report all the problems you may find.