Chat from the Minichat


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

This is a chat from yesterday:

17:37:37 (wsharp): hey kobit, just wanted to give you a big Thank You for an awesome XMPP platform
17:37:46 kobit: hehe, thank you too
17:38:00 kobit: it is very nice to hear that someone likes it
17:38:08 (wsharp): I briefly chatted w/ you a year about using it for a real-time trading system
17:38:25 (wsharp): I did end up creating that system, and tigase is the critical messaging piece
17:38:38 kobit: ah, really nice, good to know
17:38:42 kobit: great news
17:38:44 (wsharp): its just great, now I'm back and I see all this new work you've done
17:39:01 kobit: yes, Tigase is under an intensive development all the time
18:12:12 (wsharp): oh one more thing, your bosh implementation was the best a year ago and it still is.. it's just rock solid
18:12:35 kobit: thank a lot, good to know
18:12:39 kobit: it is even better now
18:12:41 (wsharp): I've not had to touch, restart, or administer tigase since I've setup the platform 9 months ago
18:12:45 kobit: I have done lot's of improvement
18:12:57 kobit: wow, that's good indeed
18:13:21 (wsharp): I better get the new version! I have another new system I"m creating that'll use some real-time messaging  too

It is really nice to have a chat like that. It does really help in the development effort and gives extra motivation to continue work. There is however something more you (users) can do. No, no I am not going to talk about money. Something different: Spread the word, let others know about the Tigase. Chat is nice and helps a lot but consider doing a bit, this bit more....