Next release...


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

The Internet connection was down and there was no access to the project website. We haven't been idling however. We have spend all the time on hard work and a new much improved release is expected soon after FOSDEM.

Please come back in 2 next weeks for the new release.

In meantime you can access our SVN repository to build your own version and here is a brief Changelog with changes you can expect in new release:

Bosh improvements - most of our development time was spent on the Bosh component. It is already not an experimetal component. It now well tested and solid component with all the major Bosh features implemented and most of the minor features included too.
Multi-CPU and multi-core support improved - I have re-implemented some parts of the server for a better support for multi-cpu and multi-core systems. You can now expect much better throughput in Tigase on such systems.
Dynamic rosters support - you can now implement your own simple class to load/generate own whole roster or parts of the roster for selected users in your system.
Presence subscriptions improved - improved handling presence subscriptions in terms of performance and a few minor but annoying bugs fixed.
Lots of bugs fixed....