Tigase 3.0.2 - the first stable 3.x.x.


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

Two new additions to the server standard component suite are Tigase MUC and Tigase Bosh. These components haven't been extensively tested by real users yet but they have been run through our test suite and have been also used on our live service for a while. I can not recommend them for production use yet but they should be good for development environment or for well controlled installations.

Apart from those 2 new components this version doesn't offer any spectacular innovations. It includes huge number of bug fixes and corrections as well as performance and resources consumption improvements. Tigase is known to be a light and efficient server. Now it is even better. Look at our last load tests results for more details.

Binaries are available in our downloads section and sources can be pulled from our SVN repository. Test page has been updated as usual with tests results for this version.

Enjoy and send me your comments, suggestions or ask if you have any problems.