Tigase LiveCD 4.0.0


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

A few days ago I have silently uploaded tigase-livecd-4.0.0.iso file into our download section. Even there was no announcement the download counter shows now 145. I wonder if there was such a big number if people knew what they are downloading....

Anyway. This ISO file is the first release of the Tigase LiveCD version. It is a complete environment runnable from the CD with pre-configured Tigase server, Drupal CMS (Blog and Forums) and Dovecot - IMAP4 server integrated together. The Drupal CMS runs with the Minichat on the example website. The live CD is based on the Gentoo Linux.

In this particular case integration means all services (Tigase, Drupal, Email) use user accounts from a single database. The user account management is done via Drupal website.

You can also post short news on the website directly from your XMPP client, you will also receive notifications about comments and posts on the website to your XMPP client.

The live CD contains also 2 nice XMPP clients: Psi and Coccinella in the most recent versions. Hm, Psi has just increased version number so it is not the most recent.

Everything installed and pre-configured, starting up automatically when the system boots from the CD.


Please note, this version doesn't contain any installer yet. This is just more like a demo of what can be done with the Tigase server and how it can be integrated with other systems. We have plans to include Tigase installer on one of the next releases though.

I have a few "hard copies" of the LiveCD left from the XMPP Summit. If you are interested in receiving CD displayed on the picture attached to this article please send me your postal address using contact form and I will send the CD over to you.

Please download and try it. All your comments are very welcomed.