FOSDEM 2008 - the first day


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

The first day of FOSDEM 2008 is over.

This year Jabber/XMPP presence was very insignificant on the conference. Just both, not room, no talks or presentations. There was however a Jabber/XMPP booth. I met a few new people from the Jabber/XMPP community over there and I ad a few nice chats with them.

Quite a few people were stopping at our booth, asking for things and chatting with Jabber gurus. My impression is that interest in Jabber was bigger this year than it was last year. Well, at least at the Jabber booth. We didn't have a room and presentations these year and most of the hot chats and discussions took place near the Jabber room last year. So maybe this is why more people were discussing stuff near the booth.

Florian showed a very cool and cute little machine assembled on a little motherboard. According to the spec this stuff takes much less power than an average laptop. Imagine a farm of such tiny devices running Jabber/XMPP cluster.
Hm, my wife wouldn't call it cute, but women have a different sense of "cutnes".

I have also seen blogging from a mobile device in action presented by Fabio and actually it was just blogging from a Jabber/XMPP client in action. It happen to be a mobile Jabber/XMPP client with enough capabilities to support ad-hoc commands. Very similar idea to my StanzaReceiver but in my case I haven't used ad-hoc commands. Just pure messages. Have a look at the right column on the Tigase website - "Minis from XMPP" are posts from my Jabber/XMPP client. This is good, XMPP is so flexible that you can achieve similar goals in different ways to better support end-user needs.