Server development update


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

There was not too much activity on the web site and it looks like nothing really happened for the last month. No news, no releases.

The truth however is that I was very busy with server development and you can look in SVN repository logs to see how much activity is there.

New release is coming very soon. Probably by the end of this week.

What new is coming? Continue reading...


The coolest feature I am working on now is a cluster management. If you want to know more about running Tigase server in distributed environment have a look at the presentation and ask me if you have more questions.

Some time ago I announced that you can reconfigure server at run-time using service-discovery and ad-hoc commands or you can query server for statistics using ad-hoc commands.

Now you can control whole cluster working as a single logical server just from you Jabber client assuming it fully supports Service Discovery, Data Forms and Ad-Hoc Commands.


Using service discovery you can browse all components running on all connected instances.

On this screen-shot you can see that main instance is running on ahefczyc machine and through external component protocol (XEP-0114) another instance is connected which runs on cs.localhost machine. Both instances have different set of components although the surprising notice might be that both instances are running c2s connection manager. Well any instance can run any component but some configurations might be quite hard to maintain.

You can browse statistics or change configuration at runtime for each single component on all instances. Of course it is still possible to see statistics for all components from single instance on single window to make it easier to track server activity.

This picture shows two windows with c2s connection management statistics but each of these component is located on different server instance.

Another major improvement, maybe less cool but equally useful is in s2s.

The whole component has been rewritten and extensively tested. Now there should not be any problems with connecting to any other Jabber/XMPP servers except very old Jabber servers which don't even fully implement s2s dial-back protocol.

And this is not all! Detailed Changelog will be provided at the time of new version release.

For those who are keen to experiment with new stuff: Checkout the last version from subversion and run it!