Machines for tests


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

If you look at the test page you may notice that stability tests are missing for a few last releases.

This is because of lack of resources to do long lasting tests. It may take up to 80 hours to complete all stability tests and 2 machines are needed for that. Well, it would be even better to run tests on more than 2 machines if possible. Unfortunately the project doesn't have 2 computers to dedicate just for tests for that long time.

Tigase project is looking for access to at least 2 machines in one network, preferably wired network (due to high network traffic generated) to do long lasting stability tests for the server. It doesn't need to be exclusive access and tests may run with low priority. The server needs no more than 100MB of RAM during tests and up to 100MB of hard drive space. It would be also very useful to have access to MySQL or/and PostgreSQL database.

So if you can offer resources for testing to Tigase project please let me know....