Tigase Server Cluster tests


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 8 years ago

The full cluster mode implementation for Tigase server is almost done. At the moment most of our effort is put to testing and debugging.

We are looking for anybody keen to spare a few minutes to help us with real world tests. If you can, please go to website for all the details: register an account, connect with your client, play a while and let us know if you notice anything worth mentioning.


If you are brave enough to try it on your own the cluster code is available in the SVN repository only right now. A beta binary release will be published in coming days.

If you want to run it in your system the configuration for the cluster mode is very simple. Just add following lines to the file and remove the XML configuration file to regenerate a new one:


Where node-1.hostname and node-2.hostname must be values returned by hostname command on each node. Also each node's hostname must be resolvable DNS address so the nodes can find each other. Of course if you have more than 2 nodes you have to add them all in your file. Configuration for all nodes is identical.

If you have any problems with your cluster installation please make sure you have debug logging switched on for clustering before contacting me. Put in you file:


It is also possible to run a single node in cluster mode. If you wish to do it you can just put a single line in your


You can attach more nodes at any time later without restarting the first node or touching it's configuration.

Detailed description of the clustering implementation will be published in coming days as well.