Perfect Jabber client ver. 2.0


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

First short story...

I have been using Gentoo Linux for years already. I have it installed on my server and on all my desktops and laptops. When people asked me why I use Gentoo I usually was saying because it is flexible, I have a good control over what is installed and how it is configured, I can install many versions of development tools which I use on daily basis (gcc, Java, Python, ...) and the last reason I used to mention was performance... My wife used Gentoo as well because she had no choice. Some day I decided to install for her different distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora to make live easier for her so she could easily install new programs, update system and so on... When the new system was ready to use she didn't want to use it at all! The main issue she found was it is too slow comparing to Gentoo, she wanted her "old system" back... So even though we made similar choice our motivations were different.

Ok, ok, I know there is no single perfect Jabber client. I have already learned my lesson. Everybody has his own perfect Jabber client and even if people select the same application they may do it for different reasons. But even then sometimes our favorite client is not enough. The most powerful applications are stand-alone like (no, no I am not going to list them here as I would miss some and authors could feel neglected ;-)) you know them... Unfortunately these powerful and comfortable applications might not be available in many cases where we are away from our own machines or when we use kind of mobile devices. Therefore Web applications are sometimes the best choice even if they can't offer you all the features we like. It's a shame there are so few of them available. Actually the only choices we have right now are:

  1. Jeti - written in Java and works very well as a stand-alone, Java Applet or JWS application.
  2. JWChat - written in JavaScript working very well as pure Web browser application.

We all like to have a choice and the worrying thing is why there are so few Web based Jabber clients available? Those 2 presented above are not even under active development anymore. But they both are great applications which many users would appreciate. I wonder if there is too little interest from potential users side or just for some reason software developers are not interested in working on such applications?

Both of them are now available on Tigase site, installed and ready to use. Look at the top, right side of the front page. Please give them a try and share you opinions.

Jeti needs Java-1.4 available for your browser to run properly and it can connect to any server you like. Thus you can play with it using your account on server or on any other server you like. You can even try it if you don't have any account. For anonymous users it will login straight to quest account on server. Until now I haven't found any major problems with this client. It works fine with many servers I tried, feature reach but a bit outdated as it is not under active development anymore. Still good choice for those away from they own machines but with access to Java capable Web browser.

JWChat needs only JavaScript in your browser. Direct link to login page is: The only major problem I found using this client is roster handling. For some accounts it has a problem with roster loading. I don't know why this happens. It may be due to either size of the roster or non-asci characters in nicknames. If you know how to fix this please let me know. Anyway, still very good choice for those who have restricted access to Internet and can use HTTP protocol only.