Aliases for Jabber/XMPP account


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 5 years ago

We had a discussion with bmalkow today about adding aliases to Jabber/XMPP protocol.

It could be something very similar to aliases for e-mail and it seems to be quite useful.

Basicaly you have one account on Jabber/XMPP server and a few aliases. Any message addressed directly to your
account or to any of your aliases should be delivered to you. More over users could set alias as value of 'from'
attribute in outgoing stanzas in similar way as it is in e-mail system where you can set 'Reply-To' header.

There are various ways it can be implemented.

One suggestion is to add kind of: <x xmlns="jabber:alias" jid="alias@hostname.domain/> in <message/> stanza.
we might need to add also new 'set' command for setting aliases on the server as current RFC definition forbids
user from putting something different in 'from' value than your account ID. So we might need to define something like
<iq type="set"><query xmlns="jabber:alias"/> to set aliases on the server. This approach is quite flexible as user
could set different alias depending on stanza destination. So you could set different alias depending on addressee.

Another approach would be to extend current roster definition to allow setting aliases for you account. And then
server could automaticly set value of 'from' attribute to defualt alias or to proper alias depending on addressee.

Probably the most sensible solution would be the mixture og both.