Tigase Server 7.0.0 Release


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added about 4 years ago

Tigase XMPP Server 7.0.0 has been released! This release includes many major additions, many more minor additions, and a few bug fixes. We're sure you will enjoy the software. Binaries are available from the project's files section. Sources are available in our repository. Maven artifacts have been deployed to our maven repository. Test results are located on our test page.

Major Additions* MongoDB

  • EventBus
  • Web Installer and Web Interface
  • New Component Framework
  • New Documentation
  • Domain Blacklist

Other Changes* Enabling store_limit=0 in offline message storage; [#2726].

  • Patch [#2621] LastActivity.
  • Add schema upgrade code to handle new column to msg_history table (amp offline messages, adding msg_type column); [#2478].
  • Allow to inject a full Element instead of just a custom status; [#2530].
  • Switch to final version of docbkx-maven-plugin.
  • BOSH SID logger improvements, filesize limitation and log rotation.
  • Add mongodb support of XEP-0013: Flexible Offline Message Retrieval [#2478].
  • Task [#478]: Simplified PubSub as a basic component API add: listeners scripts.
  • XEP-0013: Flexible Offline Message Retrieval; [#2478].
  • Separate DataForms.
  • Include Sure.IM to be part of Tigase XMPP Server installer as well [#2105].
  • Eventbus. Move source and timestamp from child element to event attribute. Remove everysecond event.
  • Remove unused, old EventBus.
  • Task [#815]: Monitoring API.
  • Issue [#2607] - added documentation about support for annotations to DevGuide.
  • Issue [#2607] - added @HandleStanzaTypes annotation to set supported stanza types and converted some processors to be annotation based as an example.
  • Add Sure.IM to be part of Tigase XMPP Server release, include installer as well [#2105].
  • Web Installer Documentation.
  • Issue [#2607] - Added support for annotations on XMPPProcessors.
  • Issue [#1080] - Rewrite ResourceBind and authentication plugins as preprocessors.
  • Issue [#1066] - Cleanup StatRecord (removed unit and listValue).
  • Change how tigase-web-ui.war is included in packages; [#2105].
  • Issue [#2564] - Added documentation for Mobile v3 optimization.
  • Issue [#2105] - Added packaging of Sure.IM as tigase-web-ui.war to jars directory of distribution package.
  • Javadoc cleanup, remove empty/stub javadocs from overriden methods; [#2541].
  • Initial Javadoc cleanup, fix errors; [#2541].
  • Allow to change domain after login. Useful when authzid is different than authcid. [#2522].
  • Issue [#2533] - added methods that create ability to override creation of custom classes extending OutQueue and Counter.
  • Reworked BOSH SID logger to utilize JUL filtering; [#2188].
  • Removing node infromation from DB; [#1946].
  • Issue [#2427] - added configurable number of messages before requesting ack and issue [#2533] - added possibility to override method responsible for deciding if ack request is needed as well as possibility to override implementation of any XMPPIOProcessor.
  • Issue [#2097] - added adhoc script to retrieve list of all cluster nodes.
  • Include hostname in CounterDataLogger and include it in primary key; [#655] - Server statistics logging to DB.
  • Guide on clustering check; [#2548].
  • Include MongoDB libraries in the distribution packages; fixes [#2545].
  • Task [#2521] redesign internal SASL. Use BareJID as username instead of using only localpart.
  • Issue [#2506] - Added support to use prepared statements returning autogenerated keys.
  • Add extended presence processors which allows adding any extended content to presence packets; [#2474] sess-man/plugins-conf/presence/extended-presence-processors=.
  • Change permissions checking so administrators won't be able to change domain owner.
  • Domain blacklist - Server side implementation; [#2485].
  • Domain blacklist - documentation; [#2484].
  • XMLRepository Javadocs.
  • Issue [#2429] - Added support for S2S for mapping of domains to other names to allow support for intermediate server for S2S.
  • Generate epub documentation; [#2171].
  • Documentation naming convention change.
  • Include only selected types of documentation in distribution packages: [#2171].
  • Add 'Guide on accessing statistics', resolves [#2461].

Bug Fixes* Roster last seen not updated when user goes offline; [#2677].

  • Commands addressed to domain should be processed by sess-man; [#2682].
  • fix issue with service discovery.
  • IQ service discovery without "to" generates warning; [#2684].
  • Fix issue with delivery message packet to user with no resources - should be processed the same as if there is no user session/XMPPResourceConnection.
  • Issue [#2693] - Fixed issue with message carbons generating excessive traffic.
  • okResult does not include attributes from original XML element; [#2581].
  • Fix RosterFixerCluster.groovy script.
  • Fix issues with FlexibleOfflineMessageRetrieval implementation.
  • Fix issues with executing scripts in clustered environment; fixes [#2326].
  • Ignore case when comparing string in Postgres schema; [#2631].
  • Dynamic Roster - missing presence issue; [#2350].
  • Fix issue with javadoc.
  • Correct dependency version of stats-collector.
  • Improve handling of establishing cluster connections: enforce reloading of cluster items upon connection (skipping concurrent requests within certain time window to avoid unnecessary queries to repository); changes in the logic which determines whether node has been connected or disconnected; additional debugs [#2634].
  • Issue [#2626] - Changed processing to process all incoming packets before closing stream.
  • Add missing acs-muc and acs-pubsub dependencies.
  • Issue [#2607] - Fixed issues with usage of AnnotatedXMPPProcessor.
  • Issue [#2607] - Removed public modifier from test classes to make sure ProcessorFactory will not load them.
  • Development Guide proposes to use deprecated code [#2603].
  • Remove whitespace from --sm-plugins configuration before parsing.
  • Issue [#2594] - Fixed issue with overwritting default Stats level value.
  • Include proper hostname in from attribute in response when performing see-other-host redirection; fixes [#2196].
  • Enforce utf8 character set in cluster_nodes table for MySQL to avoid issues with max-key-length; [#2544].
  • Change gemPath to avoid issues under windows while building documentation; [#2538].
  • Issue [#2536] - fixed possible race condition.
  • Enable QUOTED_IDENTIFIER for all MS SQL schema files; [#2516].
  • Include XMLNS in caps query.
  • Fixed issue with [#2429] - Support for S2S for mapping of domains to other names to allow support for intermediate server for S2S running on JDK7 (issue with sorting CopyOnWriteArrayList on JDK below 8).
  • can return -1 when the maximum memory size is undefined; took this into consideration when calculating usage (in such case tigase reports 100%); [#2296].
  • Add option to remove script file from disk, corrected result message; [#2330] - Removal of command script not working.
  • Explicitely set mysql table for msg_archive table to utf8; [#2458].
  • Fix asciidoc formatting.

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