Tigase v7.0.3 Release


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added about 3 years ago

Tigase v7.0.3 Release

Announcing Release of Tigase XMPP Server v7.0.3!
A new Maintenance Release has been published for Tigase with a number of fixes included below.
New Features and Changes

HTTP Api Component has been updated to v1.1.1
A Setup.bat file added for ease of windows installation setup from archive.


#2859 Fixed STARTTLS forcing required on SSL Socket.
#3259 Fixed infinite loop error when sending data sized between 32767 and 65535 bytes through WebSocket.
#3618 Fixed 'recipient no longer available' error when sending messages to JIDs connected to more than one cluster.
#3959 Fixed Installer not copying necessary files for HTTP components.
#3959 Fixed wrapper.conf file to include proper file locations.
#3970 Fixed duplication of messages with AMP payload while running in cluster mode.

Downloads available <a href="">here</a>.