Tigase JaXMPP Client v3.1.3 Release


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added over 2 years ago

Tigase JaXMPP Client v3.1.3 Release

Announcing a maintenance release of Tigase JaXMPP Client Library v3.1.3!

A new Maintenance Release has been published with the following fixes & changes included below.


  • [#4288] Login and Disconnect methods have been changed in blocking mode.
  • [#4398] Removed JDK8 specific features not supported by GWT to prevent errors.
  • [#4369] Support for [XEP-0313: Message Archive Management] has now been added within Jaxmpp-MAM module.
  • jaxmpp-chat module now included within the jaxmpp-j2se-singlejar module.
  • SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS are now enabled by default for Authorization.


  • [#4317] Fixed NPE if receiver of file transfer is not connected or disconnected.
  • [#4318] Fixed NPE when initiating SOCKS5 transfer.
  • #4378 Fixed exceptions occuring when a server-initiated disconnection could lead to an invalid connector state.
  • #4378 Fixed issue with invalid connector state when connecting using Websocket Protocol over TCP.