Connecting a distributed workforce with Tigase


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added over 2 years ago

It’s not uncommon to find a company deciding to forego the traditional office environment and instead choose to hire a distributed workforce. This provides a number of benefits; being able to hire from a much larger talent pool, being able to function 24/7 rather than a set time schedule, or being able to reduce overhead costs among others. However, one of the major challenges this can bring is how to connect everybody together in real-time on one centralized network.

Each employee may have their preferred operating system environments, or work with specialized tools that only function on one OS. Others may be constantly on the move, and work mainly from a mobile device or tablet. Still others may only have access to older technology that won’t have audio or video capability rendering some software inoperable. Although some multi-platform client software exists, none around can work in virtually any device and most implementations will behave differently on different platforms. Furthermore they do not provide the service itself, adding another piece of complexity to the problem. Not to mention that you want a secure service that you not only have control over, but can keep tabs on anybody connected and their interactions.

Enter Tigase XMPP Server. Using Tigase XMPP Server as your company’s communication server answers all these questions with an installation on one system! How can it accomplish this? Once the server is up and running, users can connect using the pre-installed User Interface. This is automatically run when the server is setup, and allows users to connect, collaborate, and communicate through a web browser. Pointing any web browser to brings them to a fully functional chat client that runs from your server. Any features users would normally have from other clients are available here from changing nicknames and creating chatrooms, to reviewing stored history and editing contact rosters. Any software that is pulled locally will be the latest that the server has to offer, keeping all users on the same version. All this with a unified interface across all platforms regardless of operating environment or hardware capabilities, as long as they have a browser and internet capabilities.

The HTTP API that provides the UI is automatically enabled for all versions of Tigase XMPP Server v7.0.3 and later, and is ready right after setup with no additional configuration. Additionally, administrators can connect through an alternative URL, and be able to control and change nearly all of the server’s settings through a similarly designed layout. That’s right, you can even administer Tigase XMPP server from any device or computer with a web browser and internet connectivity!

This is just one example of the many ways in which Tigase XMPP Server can unify a distributed workforce. Our team can customize a server solution that addresses your company’s specific needs and support you from planning to implementation, just ask us how!