Experiences with Tigase Messenger for iOS


Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam
Added almost 2 years ago

At heart I’m what people call a power user. When I started to use Tigase Messenger for iOS, I was a little reluctant to hand over status to the application, I typically like to have every conceivable feature at my fingertips – even if I don’t use them. But after a few weeks, I’m finding that the simplified interface takes a lot of management work out of running an XMPP account on a mobile device.

For most cell phone subscribers, at least in the US, there is a constant need to trim unwanted traffic to make sure I don’t go over limits, and programs that constantly transmit data back and forth can eat up a lot of that bandwidth. XMPP traditionally maintains all communication VIA a data stream, and can be quite verbose during normal operation. Tigase recognizes this problem, particularly in apple devices, and has developed some methods to help cut down on chatter while keeping the user experience mostly unchanged. Probably the most notable of these is the automatic status management. When my device has focus, I’m online and receive things like presence changes and messages like normal. However when the application does not have focus, my device sends an away status and cuts down on processing messages like presences, but I will still receive messages. When the device goes idle, it goes offline and will receive offline messages only when the application regains focus. There is even an option to not subscribe or send presence to other users. This results in a total reduction of any presence information and data sent back and forth! This can keep a lot of unnecessary data from the phone until I need it, which in many cases is inside a Wi-Fi area. Another benefit of the automatic management is that other people I chat with know right away when I put my phone down. If I happen to be driving, they know right away that I’m not going to respond immediately.

Battery life also benefits when the devices are operating outside good coverage areas. Without having to constantly connect if the phone is idle, Tigase Messenger for iOS does not need to check for a live connection in these areas. As a result battery life can be extended using this program. Another benefit is the local archive feature within Tigase Messenger for iOS. Without requiring a data connection I can review conversations with my friends or chatrooms that are no longer available. I’ve been able to retain instructions to a campsite that is well-off the beaten path and outside of cell coverage just by referencing previous conversations. I can see this being extremely handy anytime data connectivity is spotty.

After my time spent with Tigase Messenger for iOS, I’ve grown quite accustomed to some of the neat built-in features to this application. I will find it difficult to go back to using a more traditional XMPP application with these built in conveniences. I am looking forward to new version with even more features built in.

If you’d like to join me in discovering the Tigase Messenger for iOS public beta, please visit this link to fill out a form and be added to the beta pool. Test the product and submit feedback using TestFlight for iOS, our redmine, or in our contact page and be entered to win one of 10 $20 gift certificates to iTunes or Amazon.