How to send message by http api without login?

mike sun
Added 5 months ago

I want to send message directly by http api without login.
I have follow the link: .
But I can not send message success before I login the accout in other client.

this is my post body:

<message from='' to='' type='groupchat' id='1e1d788fe26d42589b8f0b11c2bd6086' xmlns='jabber:client'><body> message</body></message>

Afer I login the accout in web client, the message can be send sussess.

somebody can help me ? thanks!

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam 4 months ago

mike sun wrote:

<message … type='groupchat' </message>

You are trying to send MUC message, and in order to correctly deliver it user has to join destination room first - otherwise the message would be rejected.