WARNING: Problem during generate error response tigase.xmpp.PacketErrorTypeException: The packet has already 'error' type

kellogs .
Added about 5 years ago


we are seeing this in a 2x cluster +2x external MUC components setup. When there was only one tigase+internal MUC server there was no such error. Happens when an (offline) user gets invited to a MUC room:

We are using a 5.1.x tigase-server, unknown tigase-muc (less than 1 year old), and applied these patches already:

Any clues to it ?

Thank you!

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Added by Bartosz Małkowski TigaseTeam about 5 years ago

It seems you can ignore this error. MUC improperly handles error (service-unavailable) response from offline invited JID. It treats it as new invitation, but this invited JID has role "none" it is not able to invite anybody.