about messages transferred in MUC between clients and client/server

Andrew Ceropan
Added almost 5 years ago


I have two questions regarding the security in MUC, I am also new to Tigase, sorry if the question already answered somewhere(YES, I already searched the Forum and Googled on internet).

Question 1:

-- Does Tigase use TLS or some way encrypt the messages by default in MUC as subject mentioned? If not can we turn on or not yet implemented?

Question 2:

-- If above question is No, is there a way to turn on and how to configure/implement it?

Thanks you very much.


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Added by Bartosz Małkowski TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

MUC does not implement any encryption mechanisms itselfs. MUC expects messages with body and resend this body to all occupants without modification.

However, Tigase Server implements TLS, so your communication from client to server is secured by TLS.

Because answer for first question is "no", then we can discuss about second one:

What do you mean? What encryption you want to implement in MUC? How it should works? Is there any specification for it?

Added by Andrew Ceropan almost 5 years ago

Hi Bartoez,

TLS secured, that is good enough.

I have another question, let me open another thread.